More evidence found in skeletal remains case

(FILE PHOTO) Skeletal Remains found.

The police returned to the scene at Cades Bay yesterday to recover more evidence, as they continue to investigate Sunday’s discovery of human skeletal remains near the shoreline. The lawmen returned to the area after an OBSERVER media reporter visited the scene yesterday morning and discovered another piece of what appeared to be a tibia (lower leg bone) some distance away from where the first set of remains, including a skull, were found.

The reporter spent several hours in the area with the U.S. visitors – Carolina Weaver and John Guffey – who made the initial discovery while they were hiking to the beach on Sunday, not far from where they were staying on vacation. Weaver said, “What was supposed to be a short and an exciting vacation for us in Antigua has turned out to be very sad.”

Shortly after that statement on the trip back to the watery grave, another piece of bone was found. When it was shown to Weaver, a nurse, she identified it as a tibia. She pointed out that it is located in the lower, front portion of the leg and people generally refer to it as the “shin bone.” One side of a large bluegreen glove was also in the area.

This was reported to the police and they immediately returned to the scene. Continuing the journey with eyes glued to the shoreline – looking for more bones amid the thousands of shells, seaweed and plastic bottles and other debris – Weaver recalled the moments of the initial discovery on Sunday.

She said she and Guffey were “shocked” at first, then overwhelmed and later they became unsure of what to do until they turned to a friend who put them on to “the right” police. After they made the report late Monday, which was a rainy day, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the investigators were able to venture through the weather beaten, dirt road in their vehicles. Then they had to walk further through the bushy area to get some 300 plus yards to where the remains were.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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